Diplomatic Entities

We are the leading insurance brokerage in providing complete insurance protection for diplomatic entities and diplomats throughout United States. Our clients come from over 60 countries and regions around the world.

Through our years of experience, our division for dilopmatic entities and diplomats has tailored comprehensive insurance programs for their special requirements. With coverage that are specifically designed for embassies, consulates, mission to the United Nations, economic/cultural representative offices, and other foreign government entities.

Some of the insurance products we specialize in are

Property and liability insurance for owned or leased premise.
Automobile insurance policy for diplomatic entities
Group Life and health insurance for diplomats and local employees.
Home owner’s and renter’s insurance for individual diplomats.
Automobile insurance policy for individual diplomats.

Please contact our staff today, and let us help you evaluate your insurance needs. Let us show you the difference C&M can make.